The 'Star Tournament' in Tbilisi!
ACP Women Cup

12 Participants of this Supertournament represent 9 countries:
Russia (3),Georgia (2), Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovenia, Sweden,Ukraine,USA.

                                                         title             rating         date of birth   
1.Muzychuk Anna (Slovenia)                   GM               2580          28.02.1990
2.Lahno Katerina (Ukraine)                      GM               2557          27.12.1989
3.Kosintseva Nadezhda (Russia)               GM              2537          14.01.1985
4.Nana Dzagnidze (Georgia)                     GM              2535           01.01.1987
5.Stefanova Antoaneta(Bulgaria)              GM               2523          19.04.1979
6.Kosintseva Tatiana (Russia)                   GM               2513          11.04.1986
7.Zatonskih Anna (USA)                      WGM;IM          2506          17.07.1978
8.Cmilyte Viktorija (Lithuania)                 GM               2503          06.08.1983
9.Maia Chiburdanidze (Georgia)               GM               2500          17.01.1961
10.Cramling  Pia (Sweden)                        GM               2491          23.04.1963
11.Alexandra Kosteniuk (Russia)              GM               2448          23.04.1984
12.Zeinab Mamedyarova (Azerbaijan)    WGM             2318           03.10.1983

                                           I  Place and Date

The tournament will be held in 'Sheraton Metekhi Palace Hotel ' , Tbilisi, Georgia
17 -  22  February  2012.

Games will be played with the following time control: 20 minutes each at the start of the game with an increment of 5 seconds per move from move 1.

Default time is not 0 minutes; zero tolerance rule will not be in place.

In case of tie for the first place, a tie-break will be played to determine a winner.
                                       III   Prizes

The total prize fund of the event amounts to USD 40,000.
Prizes will be distributed as follows:

Winner     USD 10,000
2nd place     USD 7,000
3rd place    USD 5,000
4th place    USD 3,500
5th place     USD 3,000
6th place     USD 2,500
7th- 9th places     USD 2,000 each
10th-12th places USD 1,000 each

In case of tie for any place except the first, the prize money will be shared equally. … mp;flag=30